We love experimenting and trying out new flavours of ice cream which is why we think we have a perfect flavour to suit everyone. From Bubblegum to Honeycomb or Rum and Raisin to Lemon Meringue, our irresistible ice cream will always satisfy your indulgent craving!

Fiona Daniel Script

Let the fun begin!


“Love the fact the ice cream is made on the farm, using the milk from their cows. It means the ice cream always tastes so fresh and creamy”

– Chris, favourite flavour Salted Caramel

“The best ice cream around for miles!”

– Meera, favourite flavour Rhubarb and Ginger

“A little piece of countryside in amongst urban living”

– David, favourite flavour Mint Choc Chip

“A safe and secure environment for the kids to let off some steam!”

– Annette, favourite flavour Almond and Pistachio

“Lewis of London Ice Cream Farm is a true hidden gem”

– Hannah, favourite flavour Rum and Raisin

Come join the fun & enjoy our irresistible
ice cream

Don’t take our word for it. Visit us today. You won’t be disappointed!

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Don’t take our word for it. Visit the farm and explore the wide range of flavours available. You won’t be disappointed!